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From the second you enter into the world of Merryfield you buy into a secure and supportive engineering facility that guarantees’ you swift and efficient service for your floor covering machinery. All machines whether new or refurbished will be set up and demonstrated by our fully skilled and time served engineers who are able to identify the smallest of problems and rectify them.



Routine service work for your cutting machine guarantees that all your cutting equipment is kept in first class condition and accurate. One or two service visits per annum normally satisfy’s the hardest worked equipment and can be scheduled for your ‘quiet times’ We are only too pleased to arrange such services by calling 01422 373799.



As with all machinery from time to time it may mal-function and our ‘stand by’ team are available for emergency call outs at short notice.

If on the odd occasion we are unable to sort out your problem with a simple phone call the engineer will be quick to attend your workplace.



We acknowledge that there are many different types of cut order machines still in operation and giving good service albeit with “out of date” technology. As part of our service we are able to rejuvenate these types of machines to extend there working life and save you a little cash. We are prepared to visit your works and discuss an upgrade for these machines but of course we would prefer to sell you a Merryfield original machine to satisfy your cutting requirements and conform to present day H&S guidelines.

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