Carpet Cutting Machines

4m&5m Wide Carpet & Vinyl

Designed to make your cutting operations more efficient. Swift and accurate roll cutting.

Eco-Wasp Plus for Retail or Wholesale

Two optional designs either stepped bed to give pile in to pile out rolling or flat beds for pile in to pile in rolls.

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Eco-Slit Twin Shear Slitting M/c

Our standard Eco-wasp plus with slitting capabilities. Single to multiple slitting heads, fully adjustable

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Firefly- High Speed Multi- Cut Machines

Compact in design and specifically for the bulk order/despatch warehouses that demand a quick cutting and wrapping facility.


2m Wide Contract Flooring

Introducing our GNAT range of one man operated 2m wide cutting machines. Auto roll loading cradles handle the most rigid of products and removes all the hazards associated with these sometimes difficult product lines.

Gnat Production Line Machines

Flexibility of design has made the Gnat a popular introduction into many market leaders production processes. Easy to adapt and backed by a full engineering design team we are able to integrate our bespoke equipment into many traditional manufacturing processes.

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GNAT Vinyl and Safety Flooring

Our Gnat Cross Cutter has become the trades standard for cutting all safety flooring product. With a strong emphasis on operator safety our unique system is synonymous with Health & Safety Guidelines in the flooring industry.

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