Bespoke Machines

Laminate Rolling Machines

Designed and built for the rolling and wrapping of laminate sheets. From normal shipment on flat pallets to cardboard box this machine saves freight costs for our international clients. At the press of one button our Laminate Roll Machine will roll up to 15 rolls of laminate sheets in a single cycle without damage.



Process Cutting Station

Amalgamating our unique cross cut station with a 90o cropping facility this machine serves one of the largest sample book manufacturers in the country. Its design is flexibility to cope with the ever changing product runs and gives our clients maximum production output.


Special Purpose Machine

Just one example of our engineering expertise designed to support our floor covering cutting machines. This sortation system was installed beneath the cutting machine and automatically despatched the selected rolls into 20+ despatch trolleys. Limited space with limited finances this job was completed on schedule and has proved a sound investment for the company involved.


Twin Shear Cutting Systems

From carpet to thick foams, multi layers to non-wovens this Twin Shear Concept can be adapted for many production applications




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